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Photo ID Software

Photo ID Studio is a software for creation of photo id cards. It has all the necessary means for photo id card design and issue. By using of Photo ID Studio a user can create a customized full color photo id card from scratch in a few minutes.

The creation of photo id card involves three stages:

  1. Design of photo id card layout
  2. Maintain a personnel database
  3. Photo id card issue (printing)

Photo id card layout design

The first stage is a photo id card layout design.

The layout defines how your photo id card will look like. It consists of graphics (lines, rectangles, ellipses, text and images) and placeholders for a person's specific data such as name, surname or photo.

The placeholders will be replaced with a real data on printing, for example %SURNAME will be replaced with a real person's surname.

Photo ID Studio allows to merge a text and a placeholders together, for example the text "Name: %NAME" will be printed as "Name: John" for John.

The embedded designer allows to design a photo id card layout in a clear, easy and contempory way.

It has such features as:

  • Undo/Redo support
  • Zoom in and out
  • Multiple objects manipulation
  • Copy/Paste support
  • Property Inspector for object properties

You can add elements, place one above another, change item properties and more.

Personnel database maintenance

The second stage is a personnel database maintenance.

Photo ID Studio has a customizable internal personnel database. You may change the database file location and configure personnel fields.

The database is a set of personnel records. Records can be added, removed, changed and filtered at any time.

Photo id card printing

Once you created a photo id card layout and added a personnel record to the database, you may issue a photo id card for the person. All you need to do is to select a person from a list and click on a "print" button.

When you need to print a card for another person or a card with a different design, you just select what you need and click on "print".

That's all (compare with what you need to do in an ordinary image editor).