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Photo Id Cards

Photo Id Card is a special sort of identification document issued in a form of small plastic (mostly) standard-sized card. The distinctive feature of the photo id card is a photo of the cardholder on the front side of the card.

General Information

A side of the card with the photo is called "front side", the opposite side - "back side".

Photo id cards, in general, has a "credit card size" - 85.60 x 53.98 mm (3.370 x 2.125 in). The card can be single-sided (if an image is placed only on one side of the card), or double-sided (if both sides of the card has the image).

Elements of the design can be aligned along with the longer side of the card ("vertical" layout) or with a shorter side ("horizontal" layout).

Photo Id Card Types

There are a lot of different id card types, you may already have one of them in your wallet. All those are photo id cards:

  • Employee id cards
  • Membership cards
  • Company id cards
  • Security access cards
  • Loyalty cards
  • Driver's license

and more.

How to create a photo id card ?

In short, you need a computer, a suitable printer and a photo id software, a special software for id card creation.

The software is required for designing an apearence of the id card, adding cardholder data (name, surname, photo, etc.) and printing the card on the printer.

You may choose to use an ordinary graphical tool (like Photoshop), but it's not the best choice. Here're few advantages of using a dedicated software:

  • You don't have to change the design every time you need to issue a card with the same design for another person, because person's data (name, surname, photo, etc.) will be substituted automatically at printing time.
  • The specialized software is much more easy to use and learn, because it's designed especially for issuing of id cards, not for editing every possible graphics.
  • You don't have to maintain a personal information by yourself, because the specialized software stores persons information in a built-in database.

Quick start

The most easy way is to download a free trial version of Photo Id Studio and try to issue the id card. Here is a special "10 Minutes Quick Start Guide", that'll let you issue the id card even without having to read the documentation.