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10 Minutes Quick Start Guide

We prepared this section to help you start faster. Follow the instructions bellow and you'll create your first photo id card from scratch in a few minutes.

Take look at our "Video Tutorial" * - the online video guide that will lead you through the process of id card creation.

* Requires Macromedia Flash

1. Preparation

First download and install the lastest version of Photo ID Studio, and start the software.

2. Project

Create a project named "My first project" ("File" -> "New" -> "Project")

3. Photo ID Card Design

Create a new design named "My first design" ("File" -> "New" -> "Design")

4. Add graphics to your design

Adding a rectangle.

  1. Click on the "Rectangle" button on the toolbar or choose the menu item: "Add" -> "Rectangle".
  2. Push the left mouse button and leave it pressed !
  3. Drag a mouse, you'll see a rectangle following your mouse.
  4. Release the left button.

The rectangle is created. You may change its properties in the Property Inspector.

Acting the same way, add a "Text" and an "Image" items to your design.

Managing a text.

Click on the "Text" item you just created, it became selected. Now you may change it's properties. All properties you may change is displayed in a Property Inspector window. Pay attention to the property named "Text", enter "Some Text" in the field named "Text".

Now see a "..." button right to the text you just enter. Click on it. You'll see a dropdown list with the database fields. Choose "Last name", see "%LASTNAME" is added to your text. That "%LASTNAME" will be replaced with a persons real "Last name" on printing.

Managing an image.

Now lets handle with a properties of the image.

Click on the image to select it. See its properties in the Property Inspector.

Click on the property "Image source", you'll see a dropdown list. Choose "Image from database".

Now the "Database field" property became visible, choose the field named "Photo"

IMPORTANT NOTE : All the graphics you enter should not bypass a card borders (the white rectangle on a back), every overlapped parts will be discarded on printing.

Now your first design is created, click on the Save button on the toolbar or choose "File" -> "Save" menu command.

5. Personnel and photo id card issue center

Now you should create a personnel record and print a photo id card. Choose the menu command "File" -> "My first project" (that's the name of your current project). You'll see the Project control center became active.

Click on the link "View, add, modify personnel records. Print photo id cards." under the "Personnel and Photo ID Card issue center" title.

6. Creating a personnel record

Choose the menu command "Person" -> "New" and create a new personnel record.

In a "Person" dialog fill in the field "Last name" with "Smith" for example.

Click on the "Photo". See the "..." button appear, click on it. Now you may choose an image from a file by a "Browse" command or capture it from a TWAIN device (such as a digital camera or a scanner) by a "Capture" command.

Click on "OK". A personnel record is created.

7. Printing a photo id card

Select a personnel record with a mouse.

Choose the "Person" -> "Print badge" menu command, the Badge Producer dialog appear.

Select a printer, a photo id card design ("My first design") and click on the "Print" button.

You just created your first photo id card, congratulations !